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Βρείτε απαντήσεις στις πιο συχνές ερωτήσεις σχετικά με Gocycle. Κάντε κλικ στην ερώτηση για να δείτε την απάντηση. Εάν έχετε μια ερώτηση που δεν καλύπτεται από τις συχνές ερωτήσεις, παρακαλούμε επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας.


Can the battery self-recharge during use?

Regenerative braking is not appropriate for bicycles at this time. While some products advertise this feature, on inspection, you will find that it increases weight, complexity and cost, and the amount of energy recovered is usually less than 10%. Perhaps in five years’ time technology will be improved to make this a useful feature.

How long will the battery last?

A battery’s lifetime will be very dependent on its usage habits and how it is cared for. The battery has a one-year warranty. For more information on our warranty, see our Product Warranty section.

How long will the battery take to charge?

Approximately 5.5 hours.

Where do I buy a new battery?

Replacement batteries are available through Gocycle reseller. Visit the All best reseller.

How does cold weather affect the battery?

As with other battery-powered products, performance is known to be reduced as temperature decreases. If the outside temperature is less than 15 degrees Celsius, you may start to experience a drop in power and range. At 0 degrees Celsius, you may even experience less than 50% power and range. The battery will not permanently be damaged by cold weather; it is only a temporary effect. If using your Gocycle in a cold climate, for best performance, we advise that you store and charge the battery indoors.

How often do I need to charge the battery?

You can view full details of the best practices for battery charging in the Gocycle Owner’s Manual. We recommend charging your Gocycle after a ride and, once charged, unplugging the Gocycle from the charger and turning off the Gocycle to conserve battery power. Do not leave your Gocycle on charge for more than 24 hours.

Should I run the battery flat before recharging?

No. This is not necessary as lithium ion batteries do not suffer from ‘memory effect’. In the same way that you ‘top up’ your mobile phone’s battery, you can do the same with Gocycle. An occasional deep discharge is recommended.

What is the range of the battery?

The battery range is up to 40 miles (64 km), depending on your pedal input and other factors including type of terrain, rider weight, tyre pressure etc.

Where is the battery?

Inside the frame.

Do I have to remove the battery to charge it?

No. It is not necessary to remove the Gocycle lithium ion battery for charging. We do not recommend removing the Gocycle lithium ion battery from the frame, unless with assistance from your Reseller or if instructed by Gocycle Technical Support.

Will the battery get hot?

The battery can get warm under charge and/or during use whilst riding. This is normal. We recommend that you allow the battery to cool before placing it on charge. A battery that is warm as a result of usage will not charge properly until it has cooled sufficiently. This feature automatically protects the battery against possible damage.

How do I know how much power is left in the battery?

Refer to your Gocycle’s integrated dash display to determine the battery level. Consult the Gocycle Owner’s Manual for more information.

How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

The battery charge level is indicated on the integrated dash display. The battery is fully charged when there are 10/10 LEDS lit.

How much will Gocycle cost to charge?

The charging cost of the battery is equal to having a 100W light bulb on for 2.5 hours.


How long will the brake pads last?

The brake pads should last the lifetime of the product. Depending on your riding style and environment you may need to replace the brake pads from time to time.

How do I change the brake pads?

It is highly unlikely that you will need to replace the brake pads. However, if the need arises, you can find full instructions of how to replace the pads in the Gocycle Owner’s Manual. If you are not experienced with bicycle maintenance, we recommend that you consult a Gocycle Reseller or bicycle technician and be sure to provide the technician the Gocycle Owner’s Manual as a reference.

How long will the brake disks last?

Brake disks will last the lifetime of the product.

How do I change the brake disks?

Only Gocycle technicians should change the brake disks.

How do I adjust the brakes?

Refer to the Gocycle Owner’s Manual section on maintenance and adjustments.

How do I adjust grinding brakes?

Grinding brakes may be a warranty issue. Contact your local Gocycle Reseller or Gocycle Technical Support.

Can I adjust the brake levers?

No. The angle of the brake levers is set at the factory for optimum brake performance and comfort. The angle is constrained by the design of the dash display. Do not attempt to adjust the angle of the levers as this may cause irreparable damage and may void your warranty.


How do I get access to the chain?

It should not be necessary for you to gain access to the chain. It is lubricated, self-tensioning and sealed within the Cleandrive®. Opening the Cleandrive will void the Gocycle warranty. The Cleandrive should only be opened by the technicians at the Gocycle Service Centre.

How many gears does the Gocycle have?

Gocycle has a 3-speed sequential Shimano Nexus gearbox. Gear inches: 1st=39.1 in, 2nd=53.3 in, 3rd=72.5 in.


What colours does Gocycle come in?

Gocycle G3 comes in “So White”, “Gunmetal Grey” and “Stealth Black”.

How much does Gocycle weigh?

The Gocycle G3 weighs 16.1kg (35.4lbs) including its lithium ion battery.

Is Gocycle a folding bike?

Gocycle can be made stowable and can become extremely compact to be stored in a Travel Case. However, Gocycle is not a bicycle that you should fold up on a station platform or when you arrive at work.